sábado, septiembre 04, 2010

Propuesta (desde Japon): TEE

TEE is a five piece flute front progressive rock band from Tokyo, Japan. The origin of TEE was formed in 2005 as a euro-rock (PFM, Area, etc.) cover band named ‘Euro Express’. After the 1st gig in May 2006, the band decided to play original materials then the band name was changed to ‘The Earth Explorer’. The original line-up was Katsumi Yoneda (guitar), Ryuji Yonekura (keyboards, ex Interpose+), Kenji Imai (flute) and Yukio Iigahama (bass). The line-up was completed with the addition of drummer Takayuki Asada later. The band started to play regularly in the Tokyo area. A live recording for their first demo album were carried out on their 3rd gig in July, 2007.




Col de l'iselan

L'oiseau bleu

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